Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in learning more! On this page I am going to give you an summary of who I am and what it is I intend to offer with this website.

My birth name is Danielle Marmion, though I do prefer Allie or Alexandra. I was born an Aries in Michigan, during the year of 1997. Twenty years later, I am still living in Michigan with my children (cats), Freyja and Cat.

I am a Wellness coach and Neomadic Priestess, along with the best health market Manager in all of Michigan (at least I think so). My calling as a Neomadic Priestess is simply to use knowledge and techniques of the ancient, and modernize them in a way that can help all whom are in need of my service. I am also a channel for intuitive knowledge and help people reconnect with their inner wisdom as well. I offer Life Alchemy to all those seeking to heal their relationship with themselves, food, and their environment. You are a seed meant to grow into a vast and lush forest. I am here to bring you back into the light and nourish the soul inside that is here to fulfill a purpose.

I found my purpose as a guide through years of struggle with depression, anxiety, self-image issues, and a lack of direction. I was able to find my way through exploring the darkest parts of my self and essentially “breaking through” to the light once more. Veganism was largely a part of my journey, as adopting a plant-based diet not only made me feel infinitely better physically, but it also allowed me to take a necessary step to aligning with my personal values and stepping into my power. From there I dove into the world of health and wellness and found my passion and purpose here on this earth.

My purpose here is to work in the Spirit of Love and to guide all other Beings into that frequency of Love. My Intention is to help others rekindle their connection to their Intuition, and to then hold space for them to realize their passions and purpose on this planet.

Outside of work I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading, dancing, learning, being in nature, spending time with my cats, and creating. My creative side is entertained through painting and crafting high-vibrational, healing crystal necklaces which are available for purchase. I also do custom orders (contact me for more information). I am also a very spiritual person. I consider myself a melting pot of many different religions, but with a continuous focus on love, releasing attachment, and growing closer to the Self.

Now that you have a good idea of the person behind the blog, I will give you an idea of what it will be about.

My greatest passion is to help people. Though I am still young, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to remove negativity, and that which does not positively serve the self, from life. I will offer readily available and easy to comprehend information on how to start living your best lives. Through this blog I intend to present the knowledge I have accumulated thus far so all may start taking valuable steps towards creating and reaching goals, living without regret, and for those who it resonates- connecting to the Divine within.

We are all spiritual beings by nature. We are meant be to live vibrantly and grow, together.

Things you can expect to see:

  • Simple and tasty plant-based recipes
  • Relatable blog posts on overcoming life’s obstacles
  • Monthly focus oracle card
  • Various co-writers, so as to appeal to and assist a broader group of individuals looking to live their best life!

Services I offer:

  • Oracle readings (Contact me for rates)
  • Life Alchemy (More info here)
  • Crystal Jewelry (Link)
  • Low-Waste, Toxin and Additive-Free, Organic Beauty Products (Link)

I am forever grateful for every person that takes the time to visit this page, and I hope you all are able to gain something positive from it! This blog is for you, my fellow star seeds, and I will do all in my power to make this blog a loving community where you can feel free to voice your opinion, ask questions, and make suggestions.

You can connect with me through various social media platforms. Links are at the top and bottom of this page.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading x