I am Danielle Marmion.

I was born to be of service to the greatest good of all, and that is the mission I seek to accomplish through Life Alchemy.

This website is a portal of offerings to help you align with your highest self, based on all of the juicy wisdom I have gathered through the years.

I specialize in a few main realms: Herbalism, Plant-Based Nutrition, Movement, Endocrine and Nervous System Balance, and that of Archetypes and Story.

I utilize the knowledge I continue to gain in these realms to trigger my clients into activating their own inherent ability to heal; Because, you see, as a healer it is not my job to “fix” you. It is to help you realize you were healed all along, and to clear away the murk that has gathered along your path and prevented you from seeing this.

The body is always healing itself. The mind is always working toward equilibrium. The heart is always growing stronger and doing its best to keep you moving.

Your spirit is one that will never die and continues to support you each and every day.

All of these forces working together to support you – to keep you up and as an active participant in this world.

Imagine if we could unite all of these forces within ourselves into one harmonious unit?

Imagine if we could support ourselves deeply, building a strong foundation to flourish upon and open doorways to infinite abundance?

This is what I realized is open to each and every one us.

First, I started with myself. I cleaned up my diet and healed a lifetime journey of constipation, IBS and leaky gut, and other digestive and hormonal issues. Painful periods, migraines, mood swings and sugar drops, inflammation, and more.

Next, I turned inwards. The mind is a powerful tool. For most of my life I had allowed my mind to call the shots. Convince me of things that weren’t true. I let it tell me I was not worth it and had no purpose in being alive. A turning point hit. I realized I had the power to bring my mind in check. Through meditative practice and affirmation, I rewired my mind to work for me and my highest self.

Then, I was able to build a stronger Spirit. I explored many spiritual paths from Hinduism, Old Norse Religions, Witchcraft, Christianity, Buddhism, Nature Worship, Shamanism, and more. All of this led me to a place within myself where I can tune into my own inner knowing and source of Spirit. We all have this place and it is our responsibility to cultivate a strong relationship with our deep, inner soul selves in this lifetime and every lifetime.

Herbalism has been a strong thread weaving all of this together, helping me to create a strong and harmonious environment within myself to heal and grow upon. I now use my herbal practice to help others adapt to their environments, inner and outer, and to access deeper wells on clarity and insight within.

Nature is a primal source of infinite wisdom. We are part of this vast web of connections. All we must do is pause and tune in to return to its sweet – and wild – embrace.

Life Alchemy supports people on their journey of – just that – Alchemy.

Of complete transformation.

Of healing from within and manifesting their dreams into material reality.

The path can be painful. There is darkness we must face, come to understand, release and overcome.

There is a rewriting of our life’s story. There is a surrender to the entire process.

There is a reemmergence, stronger and brighter than ever.

There is a reuniting of our Divine duality into one harmonious being.

Finally, there is an integrating of all the wisdom we learn through this enduring journey, so that we may continue to apply these skills to each aspects of our life; every day, every moon cycle, every season, and every year.

We are always growing, changing, and remembering who we are and why we are here.

The Hero’s Journey is a continuous cycle that continues even after we return our bodies to this Earth.

Our mission here, now, is to master ourselves and this life. Our mission is to help ourselves and help others, creating a ripple effect.

We are ascending into a time of greater Health, Love, Peace, Harmony, and Connection to ourselves, others, and nature.

Life Alchemy is a part of that process. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual rebirth.

It is answering the call we have within and writing the store we want to read on the canvas of our lives.

I serve this mission through various services:

and more.

If you are interested in learning more about what Life Alchemy has to offer and how it and I can best serve you, please feel free to reach out HERE.

Until then, Blessings to you.

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