Why are you really eating?

I’ve always struggled with overeating. As a child it was the average sugar addiction, or having family tell me I must eat all of my food before leaving the table. Growing up, I attributed the habit to everything tasting too amazing to stop eating, “treat yo self,” and health issues, such as depression and lack of proper nutrition.

Through this past year I have cleaned up my act considerably (always room for improvement!) yet, overeating has still followed me. With all of the surface layers of unhealthy habits and mindsets shed, I have come to realize the core reason to attribute to this habit. Stress.

It seemed silly I couldn’t realize this sooner, especially since it is a widespread problem for many people. That is why there is an entire type of cuisine called “comfort food” after all. Nonetheless, I am grateful it has come into my attention, so I can understand and work past it.

Sitting down for a meal forces me to momentarily forget what was happening and focus on what I am doing (eating). As I have learned to eat mindfully, the act of sitting for a meal has become a meditation that I quickly, and subconsciously, learned to abuse.

Now that I am aware of this poor habit, I will work to overcome it using these two simple steps:

  1. Drink water 30 minutes before an intended meal.

This allows enough time to allow cravings to pass and settle my digestive system in case I decide I am still hungry after.

  1. Meditate for at least 10 minutes before a meal

To settle the mind and check in with the body to make sure I am truly hungry, and not craving something to suppress emotions.
Have any of you experienced this situation, or are currently working through it? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you.


Thank you,


Published by Life Alchemist

Certified Holistic Health Coach & Herbalist. Energy Healer. Life Alchemist. I specialize in women's health, emotional healing, the power of positive thinking, and living for a higher purpose. I help people heal their BODY, MIND, and EMOTIONS through whole-food diets and safe, effective healing techniques offered through One-on-One Coaching and Programs.

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